Nuka Nada

atomik circus music nuka nada atomik orchestra Nuka Nada ? Nuka Nada is a project in collaboration with Rudy K. (Dikhotomia Painting).

I know this guy since a long time and I really enjoy the way he plays with art. Two years ago (already !) he sent me a rough drawing of a comic and the project Nuka Nada was born.

Just before this moment, I started to work on a sample with deep brass instruments, the original name was Atomik Orchestra. After receiving all pages of the comic, I spent a (very) lot of time to try to give life to this sheets and trying synchronizing the music with them.

There is a special album of Dikhotomia Painting dedicated to Atomik Circus in the picture section . If you want to have more informations check out his page and perhaps there'll be other episodes in the future.