Pachango 2015 Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Check out this boogie from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I'm telling you, it was awesome. Particularly when you consider I left the middle of winter in Canada!

All the elements came together to create a remarkable event:

- Nice weather
- Beautiful sights/views
- Amicable Load Organizer
- Cerveza Mexicana
- 1 x Texas Turbine

Needless to say, the trip was priceless. Although, I did manage to lose 4,000 Pesos whilst skydiving :'(

Thanks skydivemex, I’ll be back ! Here is my quick edit and there is a new photo album too.

Skydive & BASE Season 2013

A quick edit of the Skydive / BASE 2013 season.

Places : Quebec, Maine (Lebanon), Idaho (Twin Falls), Bridge Day (Fayetteville, West Virginia)

Music : Moby - Perfect Life

If you use Ableton, Avid Pro Tools or GarageBand, you can remix and re-imagine 'Almost Home' and 'the Perfect Life' with here
There is a free Moby’s innocents bundle you can download here too, I hope to have some free time to play and learn with it !

Skydive season 2013 started

atomik circus music skydive opening day line twist

Such a beautiful opening for the first season skydive.

For my defense I sold my rig last year and this one is a rental rig and so it’s not the result of my own packing job. I added new tabs too : one about my passion around skydive session and the second about b.a.s.e jumping,a new family I joined recently , whom I'll fill with pictures and movies from my favorite playgrounds.