New album Crack The Code out now

atomik circus crack the code album cover

My new E.P. Crack The Code is out now!

Back to the Roots with nine 80’s Synthwave, retrowave tracks. The Writing, Mixing & Mastering was entirely done with Reason (propellerheads software) 9.5 & 10

Enjoy and thank you again for the support! (don’t forget to send me some feedback through any social network).

Download or stream the album from Youtube, Jamendo, Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

Need a license? check Pond5 or Jamendo

Reason 10.1 Playing with the new drum sequencer

This is a small contribution to the awesome Reason Users community! A reason project file (10.1) with embedded / mapped samples from 28 Classical Drum Machines - Combinators & drum sequencer patches -

Download the classical drum machines patches and be creative!

List of Classical Drum Machines

  • Acetone Rhythm Ace
  • Acetone Rhythm King
  • Akai Mpc60
  • AKAI XE-8
  • Akai XR10
  • Alesis D4fx
  • Alesis Hr16
  • Cazio RZ1
  • Emu Drumulator
  • Emu E-Drum
  • Emu Modular
  • Emu SP12
  • EMu sp-1200
  • Farfisa
  • Fricke MFB 502
  • Fricke MFB 512
  • Gulbransen
  • Kawai r-50
  • Korg M1
  • KorgMP7
  • Linn Drum LM1
  • Linn Drum LM2
  • Oberheim Dmx
  • Rhodes Polaris
  • Roland Tr-505
  • Roland Tr-606
  • Roland Tr-707
  • Roland Tr-909

The Abbey Road Reverb Trick

The Abbey Road Reverb Trick

The trick is simple:

We just need to add an EQ in front of the reverb device. Now, the whole secret to the Abbey Road Reverb Trick is the fact that they use these two filters. An high pass filter, around 600 Hz and a Low Pass filter around 10k Hz.

An EQ with an high and a low pass filter, and it really makes a difference in the way the reverb sound and the way they meld into the track.

Simple trick but very powerful in your mix! Play with the frequency to find the perfect result for your mix. you can use any EQ device.

the patch available in the download section

Reason Atomik Tutorial #3 : Advanced Default Template

A default template in my humble opinion is the basis of workflow optimization. After spending / wasting a lot of time in the past, I decided to focus on my own Default template which I want to share with you:

Firstly, you can download my template in the download section then after unzipping the reason file, drop it in the reason template folder then you can create a new project with this template.

reson default template

I know I know, seems messy but if you are new with Reason don’t be afraid, a lot of stuff is included in this template and we will try to cover it.


  • A template can / should be adjusted
  • This is MY template: What is working for me not necessarily work for you
  • I am using some rack extensions in my workflow feel free to remove / replace it
  • Enjoy more free time and be more productive ??

Instrument mix Channels (green)

Based on an Instrument Frequency CHART

landr instrument frequency chart

If I want to use a specific Instrument I just need to drag and drop the instrument to the proper mix channel. The EQ reflect the Instrument Frequency Chart and can help for your final mix.

ssl console eq

For every channel I used the EQ Rack extension SYNAPSE GQ-7 EQ but If you don’t want to use it I duplicate the EQ in the SSL MIX Channel

audio specrum analyzer

Drum Mix Channels

I decided to split channels on my Redrum / Kong / 808 into multi mix channel then route them to a specific bus because I like to have a level of granularity when I am mixing. Again: feel free to update the template or maybe use the template to grab some pieces

For example, you don’t have / use the 808? just remove all the mix channel / instrument

reason remove track device

You need a second Kong / Redrum or you want to use a Kong / redrum inside another project: copy or duplicate the tracks.

reason duplicate kong device

NB: I hope one-day Propellerhead will fix that one day but for now, if you change a patch or a sample in the Kong, you lose the channel output mapping and you need to reset it manually.

reason route output kong device

Send FX (pink channels)

I reuse this tip from Evan (stockmusicmusician) This technique provides more control and visibility.

reason ssl send fx console

If you activate some effect, you will automatically see the result in your SSL console and have more control.

Master Section

I put here some effects and utilities I use very often.

reason mastering tools and utilities


  • A template can / should be adjusted
  • This is MY template: What is working for me not necessarily work for you
  • I am using some rack extensions in my workflow feel free to remove / replace it
  • Enjoy more free time and be more productive ??

DJ Laura G - CJSW, Off The Map Set - September 17, 2017

DJLauraG Calgary

DJ LauraG - Calgary


1. 16 Bit Lolitas – Rainbows
2. Funkin Matt – Aurora
3. Christian Löffler - Lid (Yotto Remix)
4. Serge Devant - Thinking Of You feat. Camille Safiya (Serge Devant's Floor Cut)
5. Luttrell - Need You
6. Kidnap Kid, Lane 8 – Aba
7. Bart B More & Chocolate Puma - Rising Up
8. Mr Sanka - Gallon (Cassian Remix)
9. Felon – Trees (Original Mix)
10. Noir – Keep Up Feat. Richard Judge (Few Nolder Remix)
11. Klangkarussell – Time
12. Tchami – Adieu