Puvirnituq is a northern village (Inuit community) in Nunavik on the Povungnituk River near its mouth on the Hudson Bay in northern Quebec, Canada. Its population is around 1692.

The name means "Place where there is a smell of rotten meat".

This unusual name may have originated from either one of these events (occurring a long time ago):

 - A herd of caribou was swept away by the Povungnituk River while attempting to cross it and washed ashore near the current village site where the decomposing bodies began giving off a staunch smell.
- An epidemic killed off most of the area's residents to the point where there were not enough people to bury the dead, allowing the exposed bodies to decompose, giving off a putrid smell.

  It is not accessible by road.

I made this track in the middle of nowhere, in the little community of puvirnituq lost in the tundra where I spent the month of october last year.

I chose to use pictures from a workmate living in japan since a while.

His sites are a source of inspiration to travel from your computer. What I like the most is his hunt for urbex pictures that remind me the Nunavik atmosphere.

enjoy his world